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2 reported dead, 30 others injured after crash on Kintampo-Tamale highway

Another accident has occurred on the Kintampo-Tamale stretch, killing two people and several others injured.

The incident occurredin the late hours on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 after the front tyre of a tractor detached, causing it to crash with a commercial bus.

The incident occurred near the Soronoase Toll Booth, at around 5pm yesterday.

The Sprinter bus was heading to Sunyani from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Some eyewitnesses and passengers said the front left tyre of the tractor detached and in an attempt to save himself and other road users, the driver of the tractor ended up colliding with the bus.

“… the tyre of the tractor ahead of us removed and in an attempt by the bus driver to avoid colliding with the tyre, tried to manoeuvre the bus away but was unsuccessful,” an eye witness said.

The road accidents being recorded these past weeks have been linked to either drunk driving, tired driving, carelessness, overspeeding as well as overtaking on the part of the drivers.

This recent one is not all new as there have been other accidents recorded as a result of the front tyres detaching itself.

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