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5 Fulfilled Promises Why Prez Akufo-Addo Can Win The 2020 Polls

December 7 is fast approaching and Ghanaians are anxiously waiting to cast their votes for its supporting party.

The various parties have engaged Ghanaians on the things they would do for them if voted into power.

The NPP, for instance, is highlighting some of its achievements as reasons why Ghanaians should vote to do more and better for the country.

The NDC, on the other hand, has condemned what the NPP has indicated and rather urge Ghanaians to have faith for the second coming.

Reports gathered by brings you five fulfilled promises by Akufo-Addo that proves that he can win the 2020 Elections.

  •  Free SHS: This seems to be the foremost of all of the NPP’s achievements. At the time it was being preached in 2016, many, especially, from the NDC kicked against it saying it is not something that could be realised. Despite being in opposition, the NPP was loud with this policy with all of its power, and when it finally came into power, the policy was rolled out. Today, the first badge of the free SHS students have completed school and results published so far proves that although free, the policy was effective.


  • 1D1F: Another thing preached by the NPP while in opposition was that they were going to establish a factor each in one district, what they called the One District One Factory policy. Though not all the districts have received their fair share yet, but some of them have. Such as Ekumfi Juice Factory, Walewale Melon Factory, and Pwalugu Tomato Factory.


  • Ambulance for each Constituency: The NPP also promised to ensure that all hospitals are equipped with ambulances. The party said an ambulance each would be assigned to a constituency. This has come into existence.


  • Reduced Tariffs: Ghanaians would admit that the issue of tariffs is a sensitive one especially when people have often complained about high cost of electricity. However, in 2016, the NPP promised to reduce tariffs. The party achieved that when it came to power. Also, since May this year, the government has given free water and electricity to Ghanaians.


  • Special Prosecutor: The NPP also promised to set up an office for a special prosecutor, an independent one, to see the issues of corruption. Martin Amidu, formerly of the NDC, was given that office though he is yet to make any substantial arrest of political figures accused of being corrupt.

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