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A/R: Woman, 45, jailed 6 years for baby theft in Kumasi

A 45-year-old woman, Theresa Asamoah, has been sentenced to six years in prison with hard labour by the Kumasi Circuit Court for actively participating in the theft of a new born baby.

Her accomplice and daughter, Priscilla Appiah, 21, who pleaded not guilty has been granted a GHS100,000 bail with three sureties.

Asamoah together with her daughter were arrested by police for allegedly stealing the baby of a head porter, Sylvia Pime who was staying with them.

The two are said to have stolen Pime’s baby at birth at the Kumasi South Hospital on 10 June 2019, after deceiving the baby’s mother that her baby had died at birth. Appiah who was at that time pretended to be pregnant kept the baby as hers, to further convince her unsuspecting husband.

The prosecutor for the case, Inspector Oparebea told the court that Pime was sacked from the house, and not given a chance to pack out after her delivery. Pime travelled back to her hometown Nandom in the Upper West Region of Ghana, and returned to Kumasi two years on.

The Ashanti regional coordinator of the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit (DOVSU) of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Susana Dery said, Pime upon information that her baby was not dead as earlier told, visited the two accused persons to confront them, but the latter escaped to Accra.

The escapees were tracked down by the police after a formal complaint was lodged by Pime.

“We got information that some people stole a child at birth from a kayayoo girl in the year 2019 and the kayayoo girl was abandoned to go without the baby, so when the girl got information that her baby wasn’t dead after all as she was told by these alleged thieves of the baby, then she returned to their house to find out. They relocated to Accra and she came to inform us, then we traced to Accra and picked the two who condoned and connived and stole the child and brought them here together with the baby for investigations,” Dery said.

Superintendent Dery said the baby is currently being kept away from both parties pending investigations and trial of the case.

“The culprit admitted the offense in their statement and we have processed them. The baby has been kept at a temporary shelter pending investigations and trial of the case. The mother of the baby is in town now, but the baby is at the shelter because the baby is more or less an exhibit for us, so we need to find a place and keep the baby until court probably tries the case and at its own discretion give orders as to what the state should do to the baby whether to return to the mother or otherwise,” she said.

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