Akua Mandela, wo pre dodo! Kobi Rana slams Poloo; cautions her to slow down after release

Actor and director, Kobi Rana, has taken a swipe at Akuapem Poloo, born Rosemond Alade Brown for doing ‘too much’ after her lawyer secured her release from prison.

Rana, in a social media post, advised Akuapem Poloo to take things easy.

And rather stay mute for a while because all eyes were currently on her.

However, the movie director went on to say that all Akuapem Poloo had to do was to show appreciation to the people who helped her get her freedom back.

And hence, coil back into her shell.

He also opposed Akuapem Poloo’s press conference and said it was rather uncalled for.

He also added that there was no need for the counselling videos.

Kobi Rana indicated that some of Poloo’s celeb friends including himself took insults on her behalf.

He said Akuapem Poloo should stop making it appear as if she spent 30 years in prison when she was behind bars for only 3 days.

See the post below.

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