Another video of Cecilia Marfo singing in tongues goes viral (WATCH)

Following the success of her song “wha shawa say,” gospel singer Cecilia Marfo has released a new video.

‘Butchering’ the lyrics of a popular Christian chorus, ‘What shall I say unto the Lord,’ the renowned gospel musician resurrected her fame on the music industry a few weeks ago.

Cecilia’s botched performance of the song later became a source of public amusement and mockery across all social media channels.

On Tiktok, for example, a slew of users made viral videos imitating her amusing blunders with the English lyrics.

Another video of Cecilia Marfo has suddenly surfaced while the hoopla surrounding the “wha shawa say” video dies down.

She didn’t sing in English this time, but in dialects blended with Twi.

Watch the video below:

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