BBNaija star, Maria faces Netizens wrath over alleged affair with a married man (Video)

Nigerian celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu better known as Cubana ChiefPriest, has called out reality Tv star, Maria Chike Benjamin for having an affair with his sister’s husband.

An enraged Chiefpriest on Sunday took to his Instagram page with a call-out post in which he accused the reality star of allegedly being involved with his brother-in-law.

He also accused Maria of sending threatening messages to his sister adding that she shamelessly keeps showing off expensive gifts another woman’s husband got for her.

Chiefpriest equally lashed out at his brother-in-law for getting involved with a side-chick and letting her issue threats at his wife.

He accompanied his call-out post with a video showing Maria and his brother-in-law hanging out in Dubai.

The post stirred reactions from netizens with many joining Chiefpriest to point accusing fingers at Maria.

See his post below:

Meanwhile, Popular Nigerian relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has added her voice to the trending issue.

Well, Blessing Okoro who’s known for dishing out advice and opinions on relationship-related issues decided to make wade into the issue in her latest post shared on the gram.

The relationship coach has stated that the married man is the one who has enabled Maria to make that move saying he might have devalued his wife in front of Maria who happens to be the side chic hence prompting her decision to threaten his home.

Blessing Okoro wrote, “If Maria threatened His wife, how did Maria get his wife’s number ???
So they said that Maria stole his sister’s husband. My question is this, is your sister’s husband biscuit? Things like this that personalities like you do is what empowers the side chicks, if it’s true then u have just showed Maria how powerful she is. Nobody can steal a MAN pls If she threatened arrest her. Tag the man let’s drag him to Biko.

Dear married women. Many times the marriage is over before he starts cheating, and you know, stop fighting lost battles, a man will stay where he wants to stay, put u dignity together, that is all you have left???? If na DM, then send it to the police, get her arrested. For her to threaten her it means the man would have devalued his wife in front of Maria. So which battle are u fighting?”

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