Court to hear Akuapem Poloo’s appeal on this date

Rosemond Alade Brown alias Akuapem Poloo’s plea for appeal against her conviction is anticipated to be heard by the Criminal Division of the Accra High Court.

The Circuit Court presided over by Christiana Cann found Akuapem Poloo guilty of her own plea and sentenced her to 90 days in prison on June 16.

Her lawyer Andrew Kudzo Vortia filed a notice of appeal, and the High Court granted her bail until the outcome of the appeal.

Andrew Kudzo Vortia, the Defense Counsel, has since met all of the prerequisites for the appellant Akuapem Poloo’s appeal.

The Attorney General’s office, on the other hand, has placed a hearing notice on the appellant’s lawyer (Poloo).

The appeal procedure has also been filed by the Attorney General.

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