Criss Waddle has taken Medikal to Juju – Showboy claims

Showboy, Ghanaian internet sensation, has turned to social media to claim that Medikal will be unable  to sell out Criss Waddle because he has taken him to the juju man.

Showboy used to be Criss Waddle’s right-hand man and founder of AMG, but things have gone wrong, so the  two are feuding.
The rapper claimed in recent social media post that Criss Waddle had taken Medikal to juju to vow allegiance to him.
Criss Waddle decided to take his prodigy, Medikal, to meet juju man and swore not to sell out because of how  people sell out on people after helping them.

Showboy who seems to know about this too well in making this allegation in a post stated that Medikal would die instantly should he try to snitch on his boss Criss Waddle.

Showboy real name Sam Sarfo further alleged that Criss Waddle has taken Medikal’s soul-deep into the spiritual world and nothing can bring him out of it.

See screenshot below:

He wrote, “Waddle take Mdk go juju…if mdk try sellout…mdk go die instant….where waddle tire mdk put….take it from me….he take mdk in soul enter deeper spiritual rehm inside…I say if mdk sell waddle out…mdk go vanish for street”.

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