Crocodile Attacks Tourist At Ave Dakpa In The Volta Region

There has been a recorded incident of attack at the Ave Dakpe Crocodile pond which is fast growing into one of the most popular tourist centers in the country.

According to reports, a female tourist who was part of a group that visited the place was attacked by a crocodile in an attempt to take close-up pictures with the reptile.

In a video from the incident sighted by bibinionline.com, the group of tourists are seen crowding around the crocodile to take pictures with some bending over the reptile who laid down calmly throughout.

However, a woman who was part of the entourage in her bid to join the photo incurred a swift bite from the crocodile by stroking its side.

They all panic from the attack and left the tourists and the tour guards running for their lives. The extent of the injury suffered by the tourist is yet to be ascertained.

Watch video below.

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