Delay Reveals Wendy Shay Unfollowed Her After She Commented On Her Weird Dressing

Popular Ghanaian television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, otherwise known as Delay, has revealed that Wendy Shay unfollowed her after her recent comment on her dressing.

Recently, the host of The Delay Show asked whether Wendy Shay was facing some challenges due to her style of dressing and piercings.

“Wendy Shay is my very own sister. We both come from the same place but lately, her dressing seems very weird to me. She’s got a lot of piercings and her style of dressing has become very strange these days. I think she is going through something. Wendy is going through some challenges. I think she is pressurized. I think someone or something is bothering her,” she said.

There is a new development following her comment. Delay revealed on her program that the Rufftown Records signee unfollowed her on social media after her comment.

“After my comments, I received a WhatsApp message from Wendy, we laughed over it and that was the end…I recently realized that she had unfollowed me because she was displeased by my comments,” she disclosed.

“But who cares, you should even be happy that your elder sister gets to correct you. We didn’t have the opportunity of our senior colleagues criticizing us when we went wrong, we didn’t get that opportunity. You are even lucky to have an experienced and award-winning sister like me correcting you but you rather unfollow me, okay, so be it”, Delay added.

Watch video below.

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