‘Don’t wash down your makeup again’ – Netizens tell Wendy Shay after seeing her rare face (Video)

A video of RuffTown Records singer Wendy Shay flaunting her ‘real’ face in a no-makeup video has set tongues wagging.

Living in the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way that would continue to attract the loyalty and admiration of many fans.

With social media playing a strong role in the strength of one’s celebrity status, it comes as no surprise the lengths people go to attain physical perfection through makeup and in some cases, photoshop.

Well, despite the pressure and expectations of fans, there are some Ghanaian celebrities who have at some point flaunted their natural look with no makeup.

A few weeks ago, Wendy Shay inked an ambassadorial deal with Pinamang Cosmetics, and as part of her responsibilities, she is expected to project the brand and its product in every way possible to boost up their sales.

However, without pressure from anyone, Wendy Shay decided to wash off her makeup as she tried to advertise a shower gel that purportedly gives an anti-effect to users.

Well, the end result was not what many expected because the face that was seen prior to the time she washed off the makeup was totally different.

Wendy Shay’s face without makeup or any filters has got many social media folks screaming out their lungs and trolling her over her not-so-good-looking face.

Eventually, some netizens have already put together a hilarious video trolling her.

Check the video below.

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