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EC replaces duplicate voter cards

Instead, the EC claims, the video circulating on social media features officials who have been allowed to substitute duplicate cards.

A statement released by the Commission on Monday 21 September clarified that few centers had encountered the development of duplicate ID cards arising from registration kits bearing the same codes during the registration exercise, which had just ended.

This was said to have contributed to the printing of voting ID cards with identical numbers for various people.

‘The Commission confirms that some district offices have voting identity cards which are given to the people affected. Consequently, the Commission is replacing redundant cards with the people involved.

As such, those individuals with duplicate Voter ID numbers belong to the cards in the film. They were approved by the Commission, printed at the headquarters and subsequently sent for lamination and shipment to the District Offices,’ said the statement.

It, therefore, encouraged the various political parties to visit the district offices concerned to track the issuance of duplicate cards to the individuals concerned.



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