FDA cautions on expired products ahead of Xmas

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has addressed rumours suggesting that expired products have grace periods.

Some media reports indicate that there are edible windows for products after due date of expiration.

But, Senior Regulatory Officer in charge of Cosmetic Science at the FDA, Jemima Offei Agyeman, has dismissed such reports, clarifying that there are no grace periods whatsoever for expired products.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM Thursday, Madam Agyeman remarked that products become ‘useless’ the very day the manufacturer indicates on the package.

She said for this same reason, the FDA does not approve products that do not state their manufacturing and expiry periods and other details necessary for the consumer.

She advised all to be wary of the products they buy, especially in a season when near-expiry products will be floated into the market.

“As we get nearer to the yuletide, people will be seen selling products nearing expiration through ‘buy one- get one free’ bonanzas,” she warned.

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Source: Adomonline

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