Get ready for us – GRA to Oswald’s Madam after receiving numerous gifts

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has in a post prompted the school teacher of Oswald about gift tax.

Young Oswald Gennuh was the talk of social media yesterday after his ‘Our Day’ note to his mother went viral.

A lot of companies, politicians and celebrities showed interest in the story of Oswald.

He had Lynx Entertainment’s KiDi perform at his school.

After reports about companies and other people giving numerous gifts to him, bibinionline.com has chanced upon a post from GRA alerting Mrs Appiah, the teacher of Oswald to get ready for them.

They indicated that Oswald is young for gift tax, but Mrs Apppiah should prepare for them.

The GRA account on Instagram added a laughing emoji to their post—so we cannot tell how serious they are.

See the post below.

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