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Ghana does not properly prosecute corrupt officials, – Akwetey

Dr Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), noted that corruption continues to raise its head in Ghana as corrupt officials are not punished enough.

He said that failure to prosecute corrupt officials hampers attempts to deal with the country’s situation.

“We have a very serious issue where nothing is punished,” Dr. Akwtey said during the Ghana National Forum on the Manifesto of the Political Party, organized by Media General on Wednesday, October 14, in collaboration with Penplusbytes.

“People test the battle against corruption in two ways, either you prosecute those known to be corrupt and then they can be counted in jail or refund the money, concrete results must be obtained.”

He added: “We do not accept and celebrate impunity.”

The Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), Professor H. Kwesi Prempah, for his part, said that private citizens in Ghana should be allowed to prosecute corruption cases in Ghana.

He noted that this will assist in the fight against corruption, particularly when it seems that the institutions tasked with fighting the canker do not do enough for this growth.

He said that in most developed countries with best practices, private citizens are empowered to sue corrupt officials.

Why can’t I take my case to court on my own to try the case? In other nations, it happens,’ he said.

He noted that the documents actually play a key role in the war, touching on whether or not political party manifestos play an important role in the fight against graft.

He clarified that the documents give voters and the general public a reasonable understanding of which political parties are taking the corruption problem seriously, especially in the run-up to major elections.


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