Joel Nettey of Ghana is the first African to head the Foreign Advertisement Association

Srinivasan Swamy handed over the baton of the Chairman and World President to Joel E. Nettey, CEO, Innova DDB, Ghana, at the World Board Meeting of the International Advertising Association (IAA) held literally on 5 October.

The first African to head the IAA, the multinational marketing and communications compass, will be Joel.

During the polls, Sasan Saeidi became Senior Vice President of Global Client Chief for Nestle at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, Carol Schuster became Secretary of Business Knowledge Adviser at Lafayette 148 New York (New York) and Venanzio Camarra became Treasurer of Business and Marketing Consultant in Milan.

Joel Nettey, a thoroughbred marketing relations specialist, has more than twenty years of experience managing, designing and shaping promotions for some of the most popular brands.

Joel was the Chief Executive of numerous affiliates of Ghana’s global marketing communications companies, including DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis.

He has served as President of the Advertisement Association of Ghana, the IAA chapter of Ghana.

His enthusiasm for developing partnerships and his penchant for pursuing exceptional communications and networking targets have guided the agencies he has guided over the years to be collaborators with a myriad of global and indigenous blue-chip corporations.

Nettey outlined his plans for the two years ahead, speaking during the election.

We will concentrate on four main pillars: innovation & ingenuity, regulatory concerns, inclusion and diversity, and education. We will take the requisite steps together as a team to ensure that the IAA is the most recognized, important and impactful organization in business and marketing relations around the world, while ensuring that we draw and create resources for the next generation in marketing game changers to participate and nurture.

“I have been working with Joel for the past two years since he was Senior Vice President at IAA,” said the Immediate Past President and the Chairman of the Council of Presidents. His comprehension of the challenges at IAA is incredible, as is his degree of dedication to deliver on what is needed. I am confident that IAA will thrive under his stewardship over the next two years and I am glad to actively support his efforts that will help develop IAA.

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