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Government to soon introduce the National Unemployment Insurance Scheme-Baffuor Awuah

Minister for Jobs, Ignatius Baffour Awuah, says that the government has taken measures to ensure the introduction of the National Unemployment Insurance System for Industry Employees.

The global pandemic has highlighted some of the problems facing labor markets around the world, with small and medium-sized businesses ( SMEs) among the most hit by the pandemic.

During a press conference Wednesday morning, the Minister announced that the government had set up a Tripartite Technical Committee to establish modalities for the implementation of the scheme.

The initiative aims to overcome these problems in the population impacted by the pandemic and to avoid any similar scenario in the future by caring for employees who either lose their employment or suffer wage cuts.

“When running, the system would focus on supplying direct income to employees who lose their jobs or suffer wage cuts in the case of a social or economic shock,” he added.

The scheme will also include opportunities for preparation, retraining, apprenticeships and internships to encourage those who lose their jobs to retrain, “added Ignatius Baffour Awuah.

The National Unemployment Benefits Scheme will be administered by the National Unemployment Trust Fund.


The South Sunyani West Constituency Member of Parliament also noted that, in so far as the economy has been enormously impacted by employment losses, government measures, such as the relaxation of constraints and the return of economic activities, have culminated in the restoration of some 2,849 jobs.

According to the Ministry ‘s report, this statistic reflects 24 per cent of the country’s job losses reported during the global pandemic.

He revealed that while there were no reports of job cuts in the public sector, low wage earners and unskilled employees were found to be the most vulnerable to unemployment.



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