He Looks Like ‘Gay Albino Gorilla’ – Reggie Rockstone Slams Bukom Banku For Bleaching

Reggie Rockstone has expressed his disappointment in Bukom Banku for going back to bleaching again.

Photos of the Ghanaian boxer have been going viral as he returns to bleaching his skin and fixing eyelashes.

According to Bukom Banku, he is bleaching again to gain attention from the public.

However, his new look appears to be disgusting to the rapper who described him as a gay albino gorilla.

Sharing a photo of the boxer’s new look, Reggie Rockstone wrote: “Bring back bukom my man out here looking like a gay albino gorilla! ( no disrespect) anyway to each dema own so no troll!“.

Reggie Rockstone’s post has attracted many reactions from social media users who also shared their thoughts about Bukom Banku’s bleaching and the rapper’s choice of words to describe the boxer.

One Instagram user, @yendawroger wrote ” bleaching has nothing to do with albinism. It is unfortunate comment and an insult to all people living with albinism like myself“.

Replying the comment above, Reggie Rockstone wrote “@yendawroger never said it did at all! I said he is looking like an albino from his unnatural switch up!! Just as I said he looking gay cos of his eyelashes! None offensive and it is in a sarcastic humorous vein! Apologies if u felt I did. I guess we ain’t claiming him and y’all ain’t claiming him so. respect“.

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