How the ‘vawulence’ between Amerado and Obibini started – (Videos)

Netizens have been wondering how the beef between the two rappers, Amerado Burna and Obibini Boafo started.

The genesis of the beef can be traced to the magnificent rap Amerado gave when he appeared on the Tim Westwood show when he and other Kumerican boys traveled to the UK Party in the Park.

It started with Amerado’s freestyle on Tim Westwood TV when he threw a jab and mentioned “Wudini” a slogan that Obibini uses.

During an interview on TV3, Amerado was asked about the jab and he denied dissing Obibini.

Do you think I will be on a world platform and be throwing shots to someone I have been working harder than?” he quizzed.

During the interview with MzGee, he said if Obibini feels disrespected, he should enter the studio and bring it on.

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The video below was when Amerado mentioned ‘Wudini’.

Not long ago, Obibini dropped a freestyle and called himself Wudini. Sharing the video on his social media handles, he captioned it: ‘Wudini x Wudini #awudisem’

Watch the video below.

The rap line and interview triggered Obibini to hit the studio to drop a diss track for Amerado.

He titled it “Deceased” and went hard on Amerado.

Few hours after the track, Amerado hit back at Obibini with a counter diss song titled “The Throne”

The rap beef has caught attention on social media with netizens rating the bars from the rappers who both have double-edge sharp tongues and slaughtering each other with it.

Whilst the beef is still trending on Twitter, Obibini has dropped “Carcass,” another diss track to Amerado.

Listen to it below.


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