I don’t like Shatta Wale, he has never said anything positive about me – Strongman (Video)

Strongman has revealed that he ‘dislikes’ Shatta Wale and wonders why the dancehall musician has never said anything favorable about him. 

Strongman revealed his relationship with Shatta Wale during an interview with Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s “Ayekoo After Drive” show. 

Strongman in an interview stated that, he does not understand why Shatta Wale criticizes him because he has never attacked him personally or through his music.

“Shatta despises me, and I despise him.” As a result, we aren’t cool. I’ve never seen or heard him say anything positive about me” he stated.

He continuedto say that, “The fans are aware, so we all know what’s going on”. It’s not a big problem, and I’ve accepted it in good faith. I’m sure he’ll mention me and give it to me whenever he talks.”

The former Sarckess Music signee went further and stated that, he dislikes Shatta Wale because the “Melissa” hitmaker dislikes him as well.

Watch the video below.

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