I was disappointed after paying 27k for my wedding dress – Lady laments

The wedding day for many women is considered one of the biggest and most important days in their lives.

This explains why a lot of brides put in extra effort to look their best and ensure that the day goes as planned.

One of the most important things for a bride is her wedding dress and for this, a lot of women spare no expenses when it comes to getting that perfect dress.

However, just like regular people, brides are not spared in the disappointments caused by tailors and designers.

This is reflected in the story of a lady identified on Instagram as Abiodun, who got disappointed after paying thousands of dollars (running into millions of naira) to get a recreation of a dress for her reception look.

Taking to her Instagram story, she recounted how she had contracted the designer identified as Topefnr on Instagram to make the dress.

However, when Abiodun received a video of the dress, she was far from impressed and she made this known to the designer.

Abiodun stated that she no longer wanted the dress but the designer insisted on sending it over as she claimed to have already done the job.

According to a friend of the bride, the sum of $4,500 dollars (about Ghc26,491) was paid for the dress to be made.

In her Insta story post, Abiodun wrote:

“I only decided to blast this woman because no bride deserves to go through this. Wedding planning is already stressful as it is.”

Below is the video of the dress in the condition it was sent.

Abiodun also shared the messages sent by the designer after she made a 50% refund.

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