‘I’m an asset and wife material but men shy to take me out’ – Lady with amputated legs laments (Watch)

Chiwetalu Charity, young Nigerian lady with amputated legs has complained that guys are embarrassed to  take her out because of her condition.

According to the level 300 undergraduate, she noted that men prefers she stayed indoors.

Chiwetalu recalled an encounter with man who said that walking in public with her made him look like he was  walking with child.

Chiwetalu told BBC News Pidgin that she wasn’t born with ‘short legs.’

According to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology accountancy student, when she was very much younger, it was noticed that there wasn’t any blood flowing through the veins in her legs.

Her legs were rotting as result of this. Chiwetalu was transferred to several hospitals in quest of solution  until it was suggested that her legs be amputated in order to save her life.
Despite discrimination from both genders, the bold lady asserted that she is valuable asset. Any man who finds her, according to Chiwetalu, has found wife.

Watch the full interview below.

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