In a new photo, Hajia4reals proudly displays her mother as they twin.

Hajia4real, an Instagram sensation turned artist, has released a photo of her stunning mother for the first time. Hajia’s social media fans have finally met the lovely woman that graced Hajia4real with her amazing features.

She’s been spotted with Hajia4real and her daughter, Nalia! In a single shot, there are three generations.

The family is dressed in native kente fabric and appears to be completely natural — they didn’t bother with excessive makeup or the popular virgin hair for this shot.  All we see is Hajia4real presenting her mother, herself, and her daughter in the most honorable manner possible!

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Hajia4real, a slay queen turned singer, is a social media nerd. She does a lot and flaunts practically everything on social media, but she makes a point of not sharing about her family, until she can’t stop herself from posting about her kid.

Aside from that, Hajia4real has kept things low-key, but today she’s decided to flaunt her mother!

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