Let local authorities manage ambulances – GMA

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has said local authorities must be put in charge of monitoring the use of ambulances in the country following several reports of misuse of the vehicles.

In a viral video, a journalist reported of ambulances allegedly left unattended to, with some parts missing, depriving patients of the much-needed medical emergency services.

Speaking in an interview with Asaase News, the general secretary of the GMA, Dr Justice Yankson, said the current system of running the service from Accra is not effective.

“I think that the assembly should also assist, especially in the maintenance and ensuring that these vehicles are always on the road because it serves the very people that are to be catered for at the local level. At the national level, you might not be able to know what is happening in every district…

“I think everybody should be interested so that if for some reason in your community the ambulance is out of use for a certain number of days, then definitely there should be some questioning as to where the ambulance is and what is happening to it,” Dr Yankson said.

Meanwhile, the presidential advisor on health, Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare, has said the government will have to take another look at the maintenance mechanism of the ambulances.


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