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Lower Manya Krobo MCE paying Assembly members for endorsement?

The President of the Republic had on Thursday, January 21, 2021 released his first batch of Ministers who will support him in his second term.

The other portfolios such as Deputy Ministers, CEOs, Ambassadors, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives(MMDCEs) among others are yet to be announced.

Naturally, this has heightened expectations as to who gets what in the next release of Government Appointees.

However, even before the president could make any further nominations, the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Simon Kweku Tetteh, is on record to have been ‘bribing’ Assembly members in his Municipality to endorse him for his second term.

One of the Assembly Members who confirmed and spoke on anonymity said, the MCE had been moving from Electoral Area to Electoral Area to ‘ bribe’ them (Assembly Members) to sign a drafted petition of endorsement that would be forwarded to the Presidency.

This development seems to be backfiring already as there is every indication that majority of residents are angry and do not want to even meet him eyeball to eyeball.

Reports from the Municipality say he is one of the MMDCEs that is likely to be booted out, following the abysmal performance of the NPP in the area in the recent general election that saw the President trailing John Mahama by over 10,000 votes margin.

Many of his Constituents want him out, claiming that he turned a blind eye to party grassroots during his entire four-year term.


More to come…..

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