Magluv reacts over Shatta Wale’s mother’s witch allegations (Screenshots)

The supposed lover of Shatta Wale, Magdalene Love aka Magluv has responded to claims made by the mother of the musician that she has been accusing her of witchcraft, thus the reason her son has been distant for three years.

Recall in the studios of Hot FM, Elsie, Shatta Wale’s mother disclosed that she hasn’t set her eyes on her son for the past three years. She revealed that she has been badmouthed to her son so he has decided to stay away from her.

According to her, the alleged new lover of Shatta Wale, Magdalene Love has told her son that she is a witch so he should stay away from her.

She further revealed that Magdalene Love is the cause of the breakup between her son and Michy because she has been badmouthing both of them to each other.

In response to these allegations, Magdalene Love has taken to her Facebook to express her displeasure in all the allegations leveled against her by the mother of the musician.

According to her, she is hurt that Shatta Wale’s mother fabricated lies about her just to destroy her image even after paying her rent for her some time back.

She also shared a picture of the receipt which indicates that she paid the rent of Shatta Wale’s mother after the musician asked her to do so.

She wrote;

“We live in an environment where people try so hard to destroy someone with lies,but I know where all this frustration is coming from and the problem you have is not me. I now understand why your son don’t trust you around him and always ask me to keep records of everything about you. I paid your house rent few months ago but you have decided to lie against me because of little change, you sell your son out but i Pray and hope you succeed. God no go shame us. I’m still Magluv and forever I will be 🙏🏽✂️✌🏽

See the screenshot below.

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