Man gets bathed with dust after using bad road; pleads with MP to fix the roads (WATCH)

A devastated man expressed his frustration as he looked unrecognizable after using a dusty bumpy road in the Ofoase Ayeribi constituency in the Eastern Region.

The man identified as Yaw Whyte had to cut short his journey to an event he had dressed purposefully for after he was bathed with dust after using the road.

Sharing photos and a reaction video on social media, the man communicated his deepest reservation over the poor state of roads in the constituency of the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

With his black hair turning reddish-brown following the dust that engulfed the car he travelled in, he asked the MP as a matter of necessity to fix the road.

He bemoaned the neglect of the road and the dangers it poses to commuters on a daily basis.

While he looked so funny and weird in the photos and videos he shared, one could understand the frustration of his message especially when the nature of a road could decide and alter the facial and overall appearance of anyone who uses it.

He spoke at length in the video below:

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