MDK And Okese1 renew their beef as they “trade blows” on Snapchat

Popular Ghanaian rappers Okesse1 and AMG Medikal seem to be back at each other again.

Okesse1 and Medikal are known for going at each other, throwing subtle jabs without mentioning each others name.

The two rappers are noted for using their wealth to tease each other to gain bragging rights.

It could be recalled that Medikal and his wife recently acquired a new mansion to mark the former’s release from prison custody.

While they celebrated the acquisition which they claim was built in only five months, Okesse1 seems to have another angle to the story.

Medikal started it by shading Okese1 claiming the car and house he has been bragging about with in the village is the land price of someone in East Legon hills hence he should be humble and stop showing off.

Whiles replying, he ask Medikal whether the cars and houses he has been showing off are being paid in full payment or its installment shading him that he claims to own real estate but his landlord is his best friend.

Okese1 then added that if Medikal thinks it’s money then he should forget himself because his whole family can’t reach him because he has blown with his music saying he just started and he is already shaking.

Check the screenshot below;

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