Mona Gucci goes after McBrown; claims her husband Maxwell impregnated her bestie

Mona Gucci, known as Monalisa Abigail Samaha in private life seems to have a bounce at Actress cum Presenter, Nana Ama McBrown after the disaster she had at the United Showbiz show last saturday night.

Mona Gucci, the host of Kantanka TV’s Link Up show, appeared as one of the guests for McBrown’s show on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

When the host asked about Mona’s alleged profession, Mona Gucci confirmed during the show that she is an  Immigration Lawyer educated in the Law School of Massachusetts.

She further stated that she worked at a law firm called Abigail Williams and Co in Massachusetts.

Not long after making those claims, social media was awash with posts doubting the truth in what Mona Gucci said.

Afia Schwarzenegger who recently ‘beefed’ Mona Gucci went on social media to dare her to produce the certificate she got from the law school.

Mona Gucci who felt she had been set up by McBrown and A-Plus who was also on the show, believes it was a conspiracy set up against her and has been talking after the public mockery.

In an interview with Nsafoa Media per reports sighted by bibinionline.com, she claimed she has a lot of negative information about McBrown but has kept quiet about it because she respects her.

She alleged that McBrown is no longer in good terms with her best friend who is a caterer simply because her husband, Maxwell slept with her and impregnated her.

Mona Gucci promised to drop more information on the matter on her show later in the week.

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