‘My Lawyers Will Deal With YouTube’ – Wendy Shay Reacts

Not long ago, We reported that YouTube had taken down the music video of Wendy Shay after it was reported for copyright issues.

Wendy Shay’s ‘Pray For The World’ song was reported to YouTube and the video streaming platform took it down because it sort of sampled a beat from another song.

MoG Beatz, was first to report the issue blaming Ghanaians for snitching on Wendy Shay just like how they did to Mr. Drew.

Reacting to MOG’s tweet, Wendy Shay stated that her lawyers will deal with YouTube for infringing on her rights.

She explained that the cord progressions in her song is different from that of ‘Jerusalema’ and it is unfair for YouTube to pull her song down.

@mogbeatz this is the Country we are living in ooo …I will fight for my right because Pray for the World has a different chord progression from Jerusalema. SHAYGANG don’t worry my lawyers are dealing YouTube
#prayfortheworld, her tweet read.

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