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National Security Operatives Beat Soldier In Accra; Army reacts

A senior non-commissioned officer of the Ghana Army, Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Mashud Salia, has been assaulted by operatives of Ghana’s national security bureau.

The National security operatives physically assaulted and handcuffed WO1 while in uniform over his inability to give way to a convoy of four vehicles, according to a report by The Chronicle.

The incident happened at the Ashaiman Tulaku section of the Tema-Akosombo highway, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The report stated that at about 8:30am on Wednesday morning, WO1 Salia was driving his saloon car towards Michel Camp, amid heavy traffic, when he heard a siren-blowing convoy of four speeding vehicles approaching from his rear.

From eyewitnesses’ account of the incident, the report added that the military officer, given the tight bumper-to-bumper traffic, failed to find space to give way to the approaching convoy and, thus, remained in his lane.

The move is said to have angered the gun-wielding national security operatives, who quickly alighted from their vehicles, set upon WO1 Salia and started to assault him in his car.

The operatives reportedly dragged the soldier from his car and inflicted further punishment on him in front of stunned onlookers before they drove him to the Michel Camp military base and dropped him off.

The physical assault and public humiliation of a serving non-commissioned officer provoked a firestorm of fury and outrage among soldiers at the Michel Camp, prompting the military leadership to step in and calm tensions.

To that end, the army organised a durbar at Michel Camp to address the issue and allow the soldiers to air their grievances.

The national security leadership assured the military officers that they would punish the officials who assaulted WO1 Salia.

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