New US travel requirements to take effect Monday

The US administration, led by Joe Biden will begin enforcing new rules for visitors on Monday, November 8.

The regulations are expected to “protect public health while offering global guidelines.”

Most travelers to the United States, according to the authorities, must be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 before boarding any flight.

“For flights departing to the United States at or after 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time (5:01 a.m. GMT), November 8, fully vaccinated air travelers will be required to show documentation of their vaccination status and a negative COVID-19 test taken within three calendar days of travel to the United States before boarding,” a press release from the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy on Wednesday, November 3 said.

Nonetheless, there are few exceptions, which are set to be reviewed every 90 days.

Unvaccinated Ghanaians, for example, may enter with non-tourist visas using their Ghanaian passports, but they  must have negative Covid-19 test conducted within one day of their arrival in the United States before boarding.

Children between the ages of and 17 are not required to be vaccinated, but must undergo Covid-19 test before departure.

It, however, stressed: “There is no exception for Ghanaian tourist and business travelers (B1/B2).  

“Any ‘B’ visa holder from Ghana must produce proof of complete vaccination as well as negative COVID-19 test done within three days of departure.”

Vaccines accepted by the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) include those approved by the US Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) as well as those with an emergency use listing from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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