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No Matter How We Hate Nana Addo, Mahama Is Not An Option – Ghanaians Reacts

With just 21 days away from the December 7 general elections, political parties are gathering all their momentum ahead of the exercise.

On their various campaign tours, the various political parties are doing its best to convince their electorates to vote for them.

During one of the tours, the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama mentioned that he is ever ready to rescue the country from its debt-distressed economic situation created by the sitting government.

According to him, he is ready, to lead our nation out of the ashes of both the financial sector crisis and the general mismanagement of the economy.

His comments have called for a lot of reactions from Ghanaians.

Below are some of the comments sighted by

Charles Awere; referred to Mahama as a desperate and confused leader.

Am wondering NDC is making noise of Mahama second defeat to be his second coming. I say Mahama with all his track records can not win December election so no need to to talk about rescuing the economy. While Nana is taking the country forward Mahama is promising to review and revive. Desperate and confused leader.

Charles Epiphany Senior said; even if Ghana hates Nana Addo, Mahama is not an alternative.

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