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NPP Lawyer Under Investigation For Allegedly Defrauding Gaming Company

Lawyer Philip Addison, lead counsel for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is under investigation for his alleged role in defrauding a gaming company.

First directors of Merlin Gaming Ghana Limited, Eric Gbeho and Peter Nkegbe mentioned the involvement of the renowned lawyer in a conspiracy to commit fraud.

According to the two directors of the gaming company, he impersonated a company officer and also aided and abetted another person in the fraud.

In a report filed by JoyNews, Gbeho said on December 18, 2019, he lodged a complaint with the CID against Techie-Menson “for fraud and forgery of our company and public documents.”

The complaints also accused Lawyer Addison’s client of committing a fraud on the company and its bankers (Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited, Airport City branch) when he presented to them a false document purporting to be a resolution the directors at the company passed at a directors meeting.

The two directors said their complaint is that he presented to the bank the false board resolution, which he signed claiming falsely that it had been passed at a directors meeting, and fraudulently misrepresenting that he had been appointed by the company on that day.

According to the directors, Addison falsely presented the “fraudulent document” to the legal department of the bank on March 11, 2019.

The complaints said their bankers reported to them that Addison based on the documents urged them to change their mandates by removing the earlier mandated signatories of the accounts and replacing same with his and that of his client.

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