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The one-week observance by Osofo Dadzie Today

The memorial will take place from 6 a.m. at his home at the Dansoman Exhibition in Accra. Towards 6 p.m.

Frimpong Manso, who played the title character Osofo Dadzie in the TV series, died at St. Martins Memorial Hospital at the age of 81 on Sunday, August 9.

Reports suggested that, for some time, he had been unwell. The funeral of the late Showcase in Ga actor, Ataa Mensah in 2019, was one of his last appearances.

Both COVID-19 protocols will, according to the family, be observed.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Osofo Dadzie television series, televised by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, was very successful. The series, with Joris Wartenberg as creative director, was produced by the late Nana Bosomprah.

Frimpong Manso was a pastor on the show and the peacemaker whose involvement in every conflict on the show saw its resolution was his character.

His arrival, for many, meant the exciting display was coming to an end. In 1997, he moved to the United States and lived there for years before relocating in 2015 to Ghana.

Members such as Super OD, S.K. Oppong, Bea Kissi, Fred Addae, Akua Boahemaa, and Kwadwo Kwakye were part of the Osofo Dadzie party.

A number of the group’s founding members have passed away. Members such as Super OD died in 2018, passed on by Bea Kissi and Fred Addae in 2003, S.K. Oppong and Kwadwo Kwakye, who had died years earlier, died in 2001.

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