Pay your taxes by Dec. 3 or face prosecution – GRA warns defaulting OMCs

Defaulting Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have been warned by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to pay their taxes by December or face prosecution.

According to statement cited by, the GRA will not hesitate to publish the identities of  defaulting OMCs and their management if they do not pay the taxes by the deadline.

“The Ghana Revenue Authority wishes to inform managers of Oil Marketing Companies(OMC’s) who have defaulted on payment of taxes that the Authority will publish names of defaulting OMC’s and their managers if satisfactory arrangements are not made to settle outstanding tax liabilities by Friday 3 December 2021.”

“I addition to the publication of the list of defaulters, the Authority will also continue enforcement actions such as garnishing of accounts, seal off of business premises among other enforcement tools available as well as prosecution,” the GRA notice added.

The GRA has also called on other businesses to ensure they honour their tax obligations.

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