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Police Arrests 97 Persons For Not Wearing Face-Mask In Accra

The Accra Regional Police Command on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 arrested 97 persons who were not wearing facemasks in public.

The ninety-seven (97) individuals, included 60 males and 37 females.

According to the police, the four-hour operation happened around Tudu, CMB, Farisco, Railways and its environs.

The police taskforce said they undertook the operation to enforce the compulsory wearing of facemasks in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Interacting with journalists after the operations, Accra Regional Police PRO, DSP Afia Tenge, said: “The Regional Police command has embarked on a special operation this morning and have been able to arrest 97 persons who were not wearing the facemask.

“We arrested these persons around the Tudu area, railways, CMB, Farisco and its environs. What we observed is that when these people come into town it is either they have the facemask yet they will not put it on so usually you’ll see them putting the facemask in their bags or in their pockets.

“So they were all rounded up this morning and some were made to buy the facemask or take the facemask that were in their pockets and bags and wear them.

“They have all been brought to the regional Police command as we take a decision on them.”

President Nana Akufo-Addo in his 22nd update to Ghanaians said, he had instructed the IGP to enforce the law on the wearing of facemask.

The President pleaded with the citizenry to wear the mask because it was part of the safety measures that could reduce the spread of the virus.

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