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Police officer arrested for robbery

Lance Corporal Bright Akosa, a Ghana Police Service officer, has been arrested for his suspected role in burglary operations.

Initially assigned to the SWAT squad, the officer enrolled in the service in 2012, but has been attached to the Formed Police Unit (FPU) in Accra for the past two years.

In the Greater Accra and the Central Regions, Officer Okosa is suspected to be an integral part of a theft and car snatching syndicate terrorizing residents.

He is said to have been detained by police personnel from Accra alongside a civilian accomplice, Francis Aidoo, on the morning of Tuesday , September 15, 2020, in Elmina, in the Central Region.

Both have since been turned over for further investigation to the Anti-Robbery Section of the Headquarters of the Criminal Enforcement Department in Accra.

Daily Guide ‘s article of 17 September 2020 reported that, previous to his arrest, Lance Corporal Akosa had been on the police list for a period of time due to his participation in a string of robberies, mainly car snatching.

According to the investigation, Officer Akosa and his accomplice, Francis Aidoo had put up for sale a Nissan Versa Taxi with registration GW 6818 – 20, which they had taken from its owner in Accra and transported to Elmina.

On Tuesday, the police on receiving sales intelligence feigned curiosity in the deal to attract the perpetrators.

“The plaintiffs who were sent for the said operation arrested the defendant in the process of the transaction and sent him to Accra for an investigation to begin,” said Daily Guide.

According to the source, the perpetrators settled on a GH price of 8,500 with an undercover CID officer for the car.

The two were later arrested at 7:00 am in the course of the sale.

A search conducted on the suspects at the time of arrest resulted in the finding of items including of an international weapon armed with eight rounds of live ammunition, a police ID card, voters’ ID card, GCB Visa card, Bank of Africa Visa card, National Identity ID card (Ghana Card), all carrying the name of the police officer and an iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition , the second perpetrator, Francis Aidoo, seized a number of dried leaves accused of being opioids, a lighter, and a black cell phone.

They were battered with preliminary charges of fraud and possession of narcotics without lawful authority and possession of guns and ammunition without lawful authority.



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