Poor sanitation will collapse our business – Kumasi traders

Many traders undertaking business activities in and around the Dr. Mensah business enclave in the Kumasi Metropolis have expressed worry over poor sanitation in the area.

According to them, the situation is deterring several of their customers which they fear may collapse their businesses.

They say if steps are not taken immediately to address the bad sanitation situation, competitors nearby will continue to win their customers.

Some women along the Dr. Mensah Borla area say all the gutters are engulfed with filth and storing water, as a result, causing the choked drains to produce a bad smell.

They further say most of them are currently struggling to bear the situation any longer but they have no alternative to ply their trade as all the spaces are congested.

They blamed the Zoomlion workers for not being proactive in ensuring that all rubbish are collected daily as well as emptying the drains.

Some explained that owing to the choked drains anytime it rains the area gets flooded and making it difficult for them to undertake their business activities.

They also fear that poor sanitation may lead to the outbreak of diseases around the area.

The traders don’t understand why government continues to take their taxes and nothing is being done to support them, considering the unkempt and deplorable nature of the market.

They made a passionate appeal to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and other duty bearers to come to their aid.

“We are pleading with authorities of KMA to come to our rescue because we also pay taxes”, one said.

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