Shatta Wale Shivers with Fear As Prisoners Loudly Hoot At Him In Jail – Video

Shatta Wale’s stint in prison is not going as planned, as seen by recent videos. Wale may be seen in a new video in a confined holding cell surrounded by many other convicts who were hooting at him.

Wale may be seen in the background appearing very nervous and wobbly as he continues to serve time in prison.

The dancehall king is in police custody and will be held on remand for the next few days until his next court hearing. 

The renowned dancehall king’s time in prison is not going as smoothly as he presumably expected.

Wale recently yelled as he was being brought to jail that he should be imprisoned indefinitely.

I’m sure he’s stopped yelling that!

Watch video below:

Shatta Wale was arrested on October 19th, 2021, after pulling out a ridiculous prank the day before.

Wale had his guys disseminate the word that he had been shot and was in a hospital in severe condition.

Shatta was forced to flee as the police launched a manhunt for him for inciting fear and terror.

The next day, he emerged and surrendered to the authorities.

Wale was denied bail at his first court appearance and detained in police detention for a week.

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