Short Supply Of Hydrogen Peroxide Due To Panic Purchasing – FDA

A joint surveillance undertaken by the Pharmacy Council (PC) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) officials have reported a lack of hydrogen peroxide due to panic purchases at pharmaceutical facilities.
Food and Drugs Authority
In a joint declaration, the FDA and PC announced that it has resulted in the marketing of fake and unparalleled  hydrogen peroxide.
Over the counter medicine shops and pharmacies have been cautioned that their stocks should always be  bought from approved wholesalers and companies.
Hydrogen Peroxide

It is also advised to buy only licensed hydrogen peroxide and other medicinal products from the Food and Drugs Authority, and to look out for compulsory FDA registration numbers for such products if made in Ghana.

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on skin to avoid minor cutting, scratching and burning infection.
It can be used to clear mucus or to alleviate mild mouth pain (such as cold weeds, gingivitis). It can also be used for mouth rinsing.

Meanwhile, the country’s death toll have increased to 390 with 625 new cases.

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