Show me where in the Bible you can’t dance – Wendy Shay fires critics over her “waist breaking” viral video

Wendy Shay has finally responded to her critics on her viral waist-breaking video. 

The self-acclaim Ghana Beyonce received heavy backlash from netizens after releasing a TikTok video of herself seriously winding her waist on her new tune dubbed “Break My Waist” on her Twitter page.

The singer was dragged through the mud because of a statement she made in which she declared she had repented and even removed all of her postings from her social media handles.

People wondered if this was the same Wendy Shay who claimed to have repented and become born again Christian, abandoning all worldly possessions.

However, after a video of her went viral on social media and netizens pointed fingers at her, the ShayGang boss has responded to critics, claiming that if someone can show her where in the Bible dancing is considered sin, she will admit it.

In her responds, she said;

“What has dancing to my song got to do with me being born again ? Can the So called holier than thou people show me the chapter in the Bible that says you can’t dance ?.. abeg allow me to Break My Waist Ghana wake up”.

See the post below.


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