Stop linking me to Akuapem Poloo’s case – NAM1

NAM1 has asked Ghanaians on social media to stop linking him to the case involving actress Akuapem Poloo in court.

Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled CEO of the former gold buying and selling firm called Menzgold has replied to Ghanaian broadcaster, Bridget Otoo after the latter questioned why he was walking as a free man when Akuapem Poloo has been convicted for sharing a nude photo with his son online.

Bridget Otoo in a tweet was busily calling for the release of the social media sensation and cited the case of NAM1 as evidence to suggest that once an individual has no connections, he/she suffers in Ghana.

She also made the point that it is senseless for NAM1, who has supposedly been described by the state as a scammer to be walking about as a free man when Poloo was behind bars.

Well, her remarks has received a reply from the CEO of Zylofon Media.

Nana Appiah Mensah took to his Twitter timeline this morning to tell Bridget Otoo and others who are calling for his arrest to stop misleading the public because he has been acquitted and discharged.

He added that this decision was later affirmed by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court.

He also made the point that in Ghana, he pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought up against him unlike Poloo who pleaded guilty.

“Stop Misleading the public. Even on a foreign land i was acquitted and discharged, a decision that was affirmed by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. FYI: my granny wasn’t the presiding judge. Back home, I pleaded NOT GUILTY and I’m having my day in Court”, he wrote in response.

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