Take this from me as a “buttocks” analyst; it will kill you – Funny Face tells Black Sherif

Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng aka Funny Face, has advised Black Sherif.

The ‘Kasoa Trotro’ actor advised Sherif in a post sighted by bibinionline.com to be careful when dealing with women especially with big a*s.

According to him, following big ‘botos’ won’t help him.

He recalled how he suffered because of huge backsides.

Funny Face added that he is advising him as his big brother in the entertainment industry.

The comic actor wrote: “❤️✊🕊👑 “ GYE NYAME “ ❤️✊👑🕊😩😩😭😭 .. Yo ma nigga Man blacko 😀😊👑 welcome to fame , pls young king 👑.. am proud of ur hustle and ur achievements.. but let me give u an advice as a senior brother in dis industry for 20 years and stilll counting in GHANA 🇬🇭 SHOWBIZ .. pls stay away from WOMen Botos .. especially da big curvy ones .. with a little wave on top and da sides .. pls bro . RUn from where u are perching in dis picture .. BOTOS will kill you .. pls take dis from me as a botos analyst for over 20 years in GHANA 🇬🇭 SHOWBIZ and counting pls take dis advice 🥲🥲😩😩 .. love ur songs Ruff .. especially “ my Destiny “ .. hmmm “ I just Dey rise and fall “ botos took me to Depression 🤣😭😭😭 bro pls run … .. eigh I have forgotten.. I have not taken my 12:30 medicine 🤣 ay3 Ka Largateng aba mu 🤣🤣😩😩😩🥲🥲💕💕💕 bro pls run from Der 🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🙏🕊❤️👑 TO JEHOVAH ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY 👑❤️🕊😭😭”

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