The trumpet continues to resound as a reminder of the 2020 edition of the gospel Choral EVENT dubbed, “WHAT’S NEXT?“ to be staged by the Marvelous Praise Youth Choir (MPYC) on Saturday, December 12, 2020, at 3pm.

The event will be held at the Bubiashie SDA Church, with popular Ghanaian Comedian, OB Amponsah as MC for the day. There will also be live feeds on Hope Channel Ghana and the Youtube Channel of Marvelous Praise Youth Choir. The theme, “The Marvelous Story”, evokes the awesomeness of the Illimitable God in His gracious dealings with mankind.

Man would’ve had to travel many miles just to get sea water to irrigate farmlands. Think about sea water and crop production. What a tremendous task that would be! Nevertheless, God simply sends down the warming rays of the sun, evaporates the water and leaves all the mineral deposits and impurities behind. Taken up into clouds, the water is sweet and soft, perfectly adapted to irrigate the earth. This is absolutely marvelous!

In the New Testament are two words for Love: Agape and Phileo.


Agape: God loves you because of who God is, regardless of your moral condition. God values your life more than His own.

Phileo: God loves the person you are, sees your good traits and takes delight in you. God likes you and derives happiness from you.

Our past doesn’t define us. We should neither recede nor shrink. Let’s not vanish into darkness. Rather, we ought to live large at the center of God’s love.

MPYC will be fifteen years (15) next month, and has nurtured great talents and singers with potentials as well as shaping members to create careers out of music while helping people express their sorrows, emotions and joyous moments through singing.

With over thirty members, MPYC exists to share the love of Christ through song ministration, the essence of providing opportunities for outreach and services. Various forms of glorious Christian music will be expressed on the set day, in Tunes you will be amazed with. You can rest assured that you will encounter the Marvelous God.

You cannot afford to miss this programme. Prepare to be blown away!

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