Trump and his first lady tested positive for coronavirus

He and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus and are currently in quarantine, US President Donald Trump has said.

In a tweet, the president, aged 74, confirmed the news. “Together, we’ll get through this,” he said.

It comes after being screened positive for coronavirus by one of Mr Trump’s closest aides.

Hope Hicks, the president’s 31-year-old counselor, was Mr. Trump ‘s nearest assistant to test positive so far.

She flew to a TV debate in Ohio this week with him on Air Force One.

Late on Thursday, after Ms Hicks’ positive test, Mr Trump said he and his wife were going into quarantine.

“Hope Hicks, who worked too tirelessly without even taking a slight break, has just tested positive for Covid 19,” he tweeted. Awful! Awful!

“The First Lady and I are waiting for the outcome of our exams. We will be beginning our quarantine process in the meantime!

How Mr. Trump’s positive test will affect the preparations for the second presidential debate, set to take place in Miami , Florida on 15 October, is not clear.


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