What Moral Right Does The NPP Have To Advise Us To Go To Court – Sammy Gyamfi

The NDC has not made up its mind to present before the court their said case of a flawed 2020 elections.

According to the party’s communications officer, Sammy Gyamfi, no one can force the NDC to go to court.

The opposition National Democratic Congress has rejected the outcome after the announcement of electoral results, arguing the results are flawed.

The Electoral Commission, according to them [NDC], worked with the ruling New Patriotic Party to steal votes in order to favor President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo–Addo.

However the NDC would not agree with the prospect of bringing their case to the court in order to decide the fate of the case.

The party has said that it is an option to go to court to present the case of the elections they have described as flawed elections and therefore should not be enforced on them.

Sammy Gyamfi, NDC Communications Director, speaking to the press at the party’s headquarters in Accra, said the party is still collecting all the facts to support its claims.

He added that it would determine whether or not to go to court after auditing the results.

Although the NDC has the right to take legal action, Sammy Gyamfi said it also has the legal right to express its plight before the party decides to go to court.

“We have the right to go to court and the right to protest against such a grave injustice as well. But whether we’re going to exercise this option or not is in our bosom”, he said.

Sammy Gyamfi, recounting events from 2012, said when the NPP lost, they took their time before going to court to gather evidence.

He added that, relative to what they are doing now, there were more violent protests during that time.

What moral power does the NPP have to advise us to go to court? he quizzed.

He added that, “After we are done with our audit, the leadership will take a decision on that.” By protesting, we have done nothing contrary to the laws of the country.

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