Xandy said as long as she’s an Ewe she’ll snatch Kaninja from his Ex-girlfriend- Insider spills beans (Video)

Emerging reports from Xandy Kamel’s failed marriage brouhaha have taken a new dimension narrated from the perspective of an insider. 

A lady who claimed she worked with the embattled actress and TV personality at Angel TV has revealed some shocking details about her (Xandy) and circumstances before and after her marriage developed cracks.

Amongst some of the salient things she dropped was the fact that before Xandy and Kaninja got married, he was in a serious relationship with another woman but Xandy said as long as she’s an Ewe from the Volta Region, she’ll use all means (fair or foul) to make him her bona fide property.

In her words, she said,

“Xandy brought her marriage issue so I can comfortably release every secret I know about them. I lived and worked with them at Angel. I can confidently say that Xandy Kamel hooked up Kaninja with money. Kaninja was having somebody serious but Xandy Kamel promised herself that as an Ewe from Volta Region, she will use all means to take Kaninja. I can’t confirm that she used juju. I don’t know about that. I’m here to say what I know” Ohemaa explained.

”I can confidently add that Xandy sponsored their wedding. If the expenses were GH10,000, Xandy paid 90% of it” The Former Angel TV Presenter added.

”In all, Kaninja is a miser. He doesn’t give money to women. He takes advantage of them. What he did to Xandy is not different.

I know that Kaninja left Xandy about one month ago. Yes, the marriage started collapsing some months ago however it has now come to the public domain. Xandy has gone through a lot. She should stop accusing people and analyze herself for solutions,” she concluded.

Check out her video below.

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